About Us

About Us

We, YOGYATHA STARTUP is an online job search portal and a HR Service provider with a unique concept of connecting job seekers with the employers by conducting social service events and inviting both employers and candidates to participate in the event.We then approach companies with these applicants' CVs for job placements. 

Participating in social service events helps them to bring out their hidden talents and qualities like team work, leadership, credibility, accountability etc. They naturally become more motivated and eligible when compared to others.

We also conduct events like # Plantation of saplings in Public Places # Taking Free Classes in Government Schools # Awareness on preventing the usage of non-biodegradable plastics # Volunteering in Emergency wards #Filling potholes in road etc .

The leadership quality of our applicants was demonstrated in the below plantation event. 
Plantation Event - https://www.linkedin.com/posts/madhusudhana-gupta_job-recruitment-event-activity-6825378912193904640-cava


For Applicants:

We specialize in providing the following unique service to our applicants

  • Each applicant is given Individual attention to scrutinize his/her skills for a particular job.
  • Every candidate’s profile is matched to different job postings after a single registration.
  • Applicants Can enhance their hidden talents by participating in social service events conducted by us.
  • We approach employers to place our applicants by projecting stand out qualities among all others to finally get the job.


For Employers:

  • We provide resumes along with tracker for easy review of profiles.
  • As a part of evaluation process, we make applicants to take up assessment test prepared by respective industry experts.
  • We provide candidates who are good Team Players and are more responsible at work place.

For society as a whole:

  • If we take good care of our nature, the nature will also take good care of us" from any kind of disasters and pandemics like Covid-19.
  • For every sucessfull recruitment, we ensure that the selected applicant plants atleast 10 saplings in the neighbourhood.

Finally, it is said that “He/She who exhibits responsibility in society - owns responsibility at their work”.

YOGYATHA was founded by Mr Madhusudana Gupta in the year 2021. He was involved in many philanthropic activities at his various stages of life. His ideas of “feel of birthday”, “Green energy tour”, “Guided Agriculture” have received tremendous response in the past. He did his Post Graduation in Structural Engineering from College of Engineering Guindy, Anna University and started his career in Larsen & Toubro and worked in major EPC Companies like BGR Energy Systems Ltd ( Power ), Saipem India Projects Private Limited ( Oil & Gas ) & VA TECH WABAG ( Water Treatment ). In 2018, he started a structural design consultancy company called KUSHI Civil Structural Consultancy Pvt Ltd., Which ultimately led him to yogyatha.com in a positive thinking of giving back to the society which positioned him to what he is now.

The Event “feel of birthday” was covered by our national media NDTV and THE HINDU.


Our Mission :

  • To cultivate social awareness and responsibility in every individual by making it as the basic criteria for seeking jobs.
  • Providing the employers with the most eligible candidate.
  • Making the world a better place to live in by conducting more and more social work activities.